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Before You Adopt

Congratulations on wanting to give a good home to a stray, abused, unwanted or neglected pet.  Before you adopt your pound puppy or kitty, it is important to understand the following:

♥   Pets are like babies; they cry, chew, get into things and have accidents.  You wouldn't take your child back for these reasons, so please make sure you can commit to your new family member.

♥   Pets are not disposable.  They are not something to get rid of when you no longer want them.

♥   Be sure that you have the time and space for a pet.  If you rent, you must have your landlord's permission before you adopt a pet.

♥   Adopting an animal means a long-term commitment.  Many dogs live to 15 years, while indoor cats can live into their twenties.

♥   Shelter dogs are often not housebroken.  They are confined in kennels and even previously housebroken dogs may need a refresher course.

♥   Dogs from shelters are often not well trained.  This is your responsibility.

♥   Make sure no one in your home has allergies
before you take your pet home.

♥   Animals are a big responsibility.  They require feeding, grooming, vet care, exercise and play.

♥   Puppies will grow up!  Cute little puppies may become large dogs.  Know the breed.

♥   The average adjustment period for a shelter dog to its new home is 3 to 6 months, are you prepared to give them this time?  Don't give up on them.  These animals truly want to be a part of your family, they just need you to show them how.

♥   All shelter animals have suffered some trauma in their lives.  They need LOVE, ATTENTION, PATIENCE and TRAINING.

♥   In return you will receive unconditional love and companionship.  Not a bad deal!!

For more things to consider before you adopt see:

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