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PAWS Program
(Pets Are Worth Saving)

PAWS sponsors contribute monthly to the maintenance of a PAWS animal at the shelter.  Sponsors receive a certificate, picture of their sponsored animal and a letter updating the sponsor about their animal, as well as our newsletter, the Shelter News.  You can sponsor any of the dogs or cats in our gallery.

To become a PAWS member, please fill out the form below and return to the shelter.

I would like to join the Southside SPCA PAWS club.  I agree to contribute the amount indicated below each month for the care and feeding of a dog or cat at the shelter.  In return, I will receive a picture of the dog or cat that my contribution will be sponsoring, a certificate of membership and a letter from my sponsored animal.  If my animal should be adopted, I will receive a notice of the adoption, and be assigned another animal at that time.  Upon receipt of each month's donation, I will be sent an update of my sponsored animal.

I prefer to sponsor a:    Cat (  )      Dog (  )

Name of dog or cat I would like to sponsor is:___________________________________

I agree to contribute $______________ per month.

If possible, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your monthly contribution to be used to send the update on your sponsored animal.  This will ensure that all of your monthly contribution will be used for the care of your sponsored pet.



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