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Education N Stuff

This section is dedicated to bringing you all kinds of information,
helpful tips and other stuff, on all sorts of topics.
Just click on the links below.

Spay/Neuter  -  Information about spaying and neutering, pet overpopulation and places you can call for help.   A day in the life of a humane society employee, The Longest Walk   See the horrific Result of pet overpopulation (graphic), is your pet spayed or neutered?

Tips For Owning A Perfect Dog  -  Tips for making your dog a welcome pet.

Before You Adopt  -  Things to consider before you adopt a pet.

Before You Surrender Your Pet  -  Don't surrender your pet yet, this link has training tips and solutions to problems that could help you keep you pet.  Locate pet friendly housing.   Ask a Trainer

Winter Care For Your Pets  -  How to keep your pets safe and comfortable
during the cold weather.

Summer Care For Your Pets  -  Keep your pets safe and happy during those hot summer months and NEVER leave your pet in a parked car!!

Dogs In Trucks  -  Why you should never let your dog ride in the back of a truck.

Pets in Cars  -  The dangers of leaving your pet in a car, even for a few minutes.

Puppy Mills  -  Boycott Pet Stores--Want to see the real story about pet store pups?

Inside vs. Outside  -  Important information about inside pets vs. outside pets.

Animal Safety During Disasters  -  Planning ahead is the key to keeping your pet and yourself safe during a disaster.  Tips that will help you reduce the risk to animals.

Poems  -  These are poems for rescuers, pet owners or anyone that's ever had a beloved pet in their life.  Get a tissue!

Does Your Dog Have Quality of Life?

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