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What Will It Cost

Before you adopt a pet, please consider the expense.  Make sure you can afford to make a commitment to take care of this pet for the duration of it's life.  Below are
estimated costs for basic annual care and various different procedures:

Office Call/Exam                            $25-$44

Office Call Extended                             $44

Specialist Exam                               $68-$75

ER Office Call                               $45-$150

Vaccination, Puppy Series              $24-$90

Vaccination, Adult Rabies/1 yr             $10

Vaccination, Adult Rabies/3 yr             $14

DA2LLP/Corona (distemper, adeno
  2 virus, leptospirosis, parvovirus,
  parainflunza/corona)                           $16

Bordetella                                               $13

Lyme Disease                                         $19

Distemper                                               $13

Parvovirus                                              $12

Fecal Exam                                        $6-$26

Heartworm Test                                    $29

Spay/including pre-surgical
  exam, surgery, anesthia,
  one over night stay                    $145-$300

Dental exam and cleaning          $100-$400

Senior Wellness Exam                $175-$300
  (including tests)

Skin Allergy Diagnosis               up to $300

Diabetes Exam                          up to $1000
  (including tests)                        (or more)

X-rays                                            $55-$115

Three Panel Blood Test                       $13

CBC/with chemistry panel                 $78

Urinalysis                                        $12-37

ECG                                                      $64

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